Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Key

The subtle curve of her waist, the softness of her hair, the sparkle of her eyes and the music of laughter, they kept me awake for a long, long time. Day after day, night after night. Her idea of love was magic. My idea of love was her. She wanted to spread her wings and fly towards an eternity of bliss. My eternity started from her.

You must be thinking if I loved her so much why did I let her go? Why would I drive her away from me, when her presence in my life was what all I needed for my existence?

So let me tell you my friend. Life isn’t what she thought & what you might think is right. Like if like a twisted road spread across a valley. Slowly and gradually you move towards a maze of twists and turns. The turns get sharper as you progress higher and before you even know crossing all those challenging turns were not worth at all because you are moving down the hill again. In midst of all the confusion of the road you completely forget to admire the beauty of the valley. You are so much focused on the challenge of the road that your focus for not a minute wanders towards the lush scenery the valley is offering you. I did the same. I did not let my focus wander. I was caught up in the difficulty of being with her so much that I forgot to admire the beauty of presence.
I stole her shine. I stole her smile and hid them in a locked box in a small corner of my mind. She wept and begged but the box never found its key. I had hid the key. I had to let her go because I had forgotten where I had hid the key.

And now she is gone, I found the key but the box is empty. I let go of her and just got to know her smile had escaped from the box long ago she just found them back.

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