Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Book Review: Pir e Kamil

Warning: Spoiler Alert 

Pir e Kamil was not my everyday Judith McgNaught fairy tale story where a beautiful girl who belongs from an underprivileged background falls in love with a ruthless handsome prince and in the end everything gets lovely. Well yes in this story as well everything gets better in the end but the non linear structure Umera Ahmed has given to the story is simply beautiful.

The damsel does not leave her comfortable life for the love of a man but she leaves all her comforts only for what she believes in. Her faith is unwavering and her determination is inspiring. Her love for Jamal is as human as it can be. She does not fall in love for the handsome, rich and spoilt brat but she falls in love with a person she thought is an ideal.

Our knight is not enjoying the riches he has been bestowed upon since childhood. He is disturbed and finds solace only after he understands the gravity of his foul actions. He is sourly punished before he gets his reward.

What I so loved about this novel was the utmost faith the characters had. The story told us that devil was an angel in the beginning and not every saint has a crystal clear past. We all have our stories and we all have our faults. We are individuals and what our families do and are associated with us might reflect on us but that doesn't mean those choices made by our families are our own as well. The key is to forgive and move on. The right thing to do is not to judge on past actions but on current situations. There is no black and white but different shades of grey in which we all are.

A must read for all the literature fans.

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